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Parque de Bombas de Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Learn more about our treasures… our culture, our people and our rich traditions. Become one of our PROUD Ambassadors and join with countless, die hard fans better known as "Ponceñistas" (pawn-cen-yistas). Check often for our tips with lots of plain, frank and unbiased advice on how to get the most out of your visit.

Table of Contents:

Ponce Facts
Ponce Facts. Learn more about Puerto Rico's Pearl of the South.
Top Five Ponce Attractions
Ready for your tour of Ponce? Check the top five Ponce Attractions: Museo de Arte de Ponce, Hacienda Buena Vista Nature Reserve, Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Park, Serrallés Castle, Parque de Bombas.
Best Ponce Restaurants...at your Ponce Travel guide.
For a taste of our best Ponce Restaurants, come learn the language of these creative kitchen artisans that TravelPonce recommends.
Best Ponce Hotels - TravelPonce.com... your candid travel guide.
Check TravelPonce recommendations for the best Ponce Hotels
Ponce nightlife
Bar hop or dance the night away... Enjoy Ponce nightlife.
Ponce Puerto Rico tourism - a romantic travel destination...
Why visit Ponce Puerto Rico? Simple. Because it has so much to offer. You will certainly fall in love...
Travel Ponce Map... NOW you are ready to explore!
Just follow your Travel Ponce map... we'll take you by the hand to the points of interest, top attractions, the best gastronomy and accommodations in Ponce.
Museum of Ponce History
Learn more about Ponce History in the best civic museum in Puerto Rico.
Museum of Ponce Architecture
The Museum of Ponce Architecture is justly located in Casa Wiechers-Villaronga.
Ponce Massacre Museum
The Ponce Massacre is one of the most violent chapters in the history of Puerto Rico.
Music Museum
The Music Museum depicts the development of the Puerto Rican music from its pre-Columbian origins to the present times.
Casa Paoli
Casa Paoli Museum is the birthplace of one the greatest opera singers that ever lived.
Francisco Pancho Coimbre Museum
The Francisco Pancho Coimbre Museum is dedicated to the memory of the most feared and productive Puerto Rican baseball batter of all times.
National Pantheon Roman Baldorioty de Castro
The National Pantheon Roman Baldorioty de Castro evokes greatness, sorrow, veneration as well as Puerto Rican patriotism.
Ponce Cathedral
The Ponce Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin, Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Casa Armstrong Poventud
Casa Armstrong Poventud was converted into a museum and serves as the regional headquarters and bookstore of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.
Ponce City Hall
The Ponce City Hall was constructed in the 1840’s in a typical colonial style as designed by the Spanish architect Francisco Gil Capo.
La Perla Theater
La Perla Theater. Ponce owes its “Ciudad Señorial” nickname as Majestic or Noble City to this historic building.
Juan Morel Campos Music Institute
The Juan Morel Campos Music Institute was named after the famed Ponce composer and conductor who became the most important figure in Puerto Rican music of the 19th century.
Plaza del Mercado
Plaza del Mercado Isabel II in Ponce opened in 1863 in a building originally modeled after the Paris market in France.
Cruceta del Vigia
La Cruceta del Vigia provides remarkable panoramic views of Ponce, the Caribbean Sea and the Isla Caja de Muertos Nature Reserve.
Parque del Tricentenario
Ponce's Parque del Tricentenario was inaugurated in 1992 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the City’s foundation.
Dora Colon Clavell Park
Dora Colon Clavell Park in Ponce is very close to the town square and one of the city’s finest.
Julio Enrique Monagas Park
Julio Enrique Monagas Park will guarantee a treat for yourself and your kids in this great Ponce city getaway experience.
Albizu Campos Park Monument
The Albizu Campos Park Monument is located exactly in the same spot where the famed revolutionary father of the Puerto Rican nation was born back in 1891.
Cultural Center Carmen Sola de Pereira
Ponce's Cultural Center is named after the distinguished Ponce educator and lawmaker Carmen Solá de Pereira, who compassionately dedicated her life to the education of our disadvantaged.
Municipal Library Mariana Suarez de Longo
The Municipal Library in Ponce has a state-of-the-art digital education center with 150 computers and free high-speed internet access.
Ponce Letters Monument
The Ponce Letters monument is a lot more than just five black and red colossal sculptures arrogantly spelling out the City’s name.
La Guancha Boardwalk
Discover La Guancha, the popular Caribbean bayside boardwalk at the City of Ponce, Puerto Rico.
Lake Cerrillos Dam
Lake Cerrillos Dam in Ponce is a recreational park complete with two boat/kayak/canoe ramps, nature trails and open kiosks with barbecue facilities.
Wito Morales Park
The Wito Morales Park in Ponce is conveniently located at the Cerrillos State Forest Reserve (only 4 miles northeast of the City) with a microclimate evocative to that of El Yunque rain forest.
Graciela Rivera
Soprano Graciela Rivera was the first Puerto Rican singer to be engaged in a leading role by the prestigious Metropolitan Opera in New York.
Caja de Muertos
Isla Caja de Muertos Nature Reserve is Ponce's best kept secret. An uninhabited little treasure of an island. A Caribbean snorkeling paradise.
Bolera Caribe
Bolera Caribe in Ponce is a state-of-the-art venue that warrants some well deserved family entertainment for die-hard aficionados or occasional, recreational bowlers and their loved ones.
Ceiba de Ponce
Now converted into a passive park, the emblematic Ceiba de Ponce tree still stands in majestic defiance of the neighboring urban blight that threatens to crowd it out.
Parque del Retiro
Parque del Retiro in Ponce has no monuments or statues like its renowned Madrid counterpart in Spain.
Coches de Ponce
For decades, these Coches (Spanish for horse drawn carriages) have been taking many tourists on a nostalgic journey, back through Ponce’s rich colonial history.
Las Mañanitas in Ponce
Thousands flock to Las Mañanitas, Ponce religious procession gallantly led by Mexican Mariachis.
Ponce Municipal Band
The Ponce Municipal Band has been consistently backed by a magnificent group of virtuoso performers, an excellent sound quality and a wide-ranging repertoire since 1883.
Ponce Carnival
The Ponce Carnival is considered one of the oldest of the Western Hemisphere and centers around the vivid costumed characters called Vejigantes.
Lupita the Mail Dog
Lupita gracefully delivers letters and packages along with her Postman owner to the residents of the Ponce historic town center.
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Property for Sale in Ponce
Looking for an attractive residential investment in Ponce? Check this Property for Sale...
Porta Caribe
Porta Caribe is a Puerto Rico tourism zone promoted as a brand for the 14 municipalities comprising the Southern region of the island facing the Caribbean Sea.
Picturesque Adjuntas is a small agricultural town of 19,000 inhabitants located in the mountains of the Cordillera Central, 25 km Northwest of Ponce.
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