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The TravelPonce team works like a family, because that's precisely what we are. The site is truly a labor of love and it's currently being developed on our free time.

Ponce trolley

Thanks to our "brother from Adjuntas" José Oquendo and to Carlos Avilés for their spectacular photos, Maja, Alondra, Eda, Raúl Colón from CIMA, all our friends and anonymous collaborators. Without your support and encouragement there's no reason for the effort. Keep coming!


Güela Carmen (PhD-Life!) is our 87 years young DYNAMO of a mother. She is our inspiration, always providing direction to our project with her endless energy and good sense of humor. Bless her...


Radamés (BA-Arts), our TravelPonce expert, artist and artisan, is a connoisseur of our history and cultural traditions. From his work place at the Historic Archives of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, he digs into our past, delves into our present and reflects upon our future. He is also a Ponce resident and founding Director of non profit Hermandad Guadalupana de Ponce, a local religious charity.


Carmen Inés (a Social Community Psychologist) "La Leona Mayor" in Spanish, and a professor with 40 years experience at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ponce. As a former Institute of Puerto Rican Culture regional director, she supervised Ponce's historic quarter restoration program known as "Ponce en Marcha". She is also current President of the Puerto Rico Psychology Association and a Ponce resident.


Luis (BBA-Accounting), our editor and webmaster, leads our TravelPonce team . He is also a Financier/Founder at My Capital Access Corporation in Florida, Chief Financial Officer at E-Capital Management Fund, LLC and a Miami resident, frequently commuting to Ponce.

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