Sancho's Sushi Bar

by Amy Tarshis
(New York, NY)

The healthiest food in Ponce is served here fresh daily!

Located on the property of the Costa Caribe Golf Club (a short drive from the Ponce Hilton Resort), Chef Mark Leu Torres prepares the most creative sushi rolls and will even customize things for you yo suit your taste. His Seared Tuna Tataki is one of my favorites and when I requested that it be served with slices of Avocado and Chopped JalapeƱo, he was glad to do it!

A medium-sized space, it has a soaring ceiling with windows all around and a view of the beautiful Golf Club's pool and beach area.

Asian dishes, such a Chinese Shrimp and Chicken dishes are also offered as well as Vegetarian dishes, Wine/Beers. They are open late. A great relaxing place that's serves exactly what I prefer to eat on a hot day in the beautiful Ponce countryside. Go!

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