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Distinguished in the field of Law are the following illustrious citizens honored at Plaza de los Ponceños Ilustres, in Ponce’s Parque del Tricentenario:

  • Rafael Hernández Matos
  • Herminia Torres
  • Fernando Zapater Martínez
  • Rafael Pérez Marchand
  • Gustavo Rodríguez Acevedo
  • Ramón Gadea Picó
  • José Angel Poventud
  • Francisco Parra Toro
  • Héctor Lugo Bougal
  • Charles Cuprill Oppenheimer
  • Carlos Juan Irizarry Yunque
  • Arturo Cintrón García
  • Pedro Malavet Vega
  • Lady Alfonso de Cumpiano
  • Jorge Díaz Cruz

Visit the Tercentennial Park for a glimpse at the elegant wall plaques with the names of the above eminent Ponce citizens in the field of Law and those in many other important cultural disciplines.

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